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Incoe Batteries

Incoe Batteries


INCOE Battery enters scene since early 1970’s. With its 35 years battery manufacturing history and also its viewpoint stressing on top quality and sturdiness, INCOE battery had show up obviously in the emerging global market.

Currently, INCOE Battery is now the No. 1 battery brand in Indonesia as well as had emerging evidently throughout Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe as well as Australia covering over 40 nations.

Criterion references of the products of INCOE are:
JIS (Japanese Commercial Criterion).
HUBBUB (Deutsches Institut fur Normung).
SNI (Indonesian National Standard).
AS (Australian Criterion).

INCOE is produced by an ISO 9001:2008 accredited business – high quality management system which is documented, so the uniformity of consumer satisfaction embodied more organized, continual, as well as growing. Apart from this, INCOE additionally continuously makes every effort to improve ecological performance, safety and also job-related wellness and also care employees by applying the ISO 14001:2004 and SMK3 management system.